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How to Eat Lobster Like Your from Maine

How to do I eat a lobster?

How to Eat Lobster [1]

1. Twist off the claws. Crack each claw with a nutcrackers, hammer, or knife. Drain.

2. Separate the tail piece from the body by arching and twisting the back until it cracks.  Bend back and break the flippers off the tailpiece. Insert a fork where the flippers broke off and push the meat through the other end. Clean off any residue or black vein material and enjoy the meat.

3. Unhinge the back and open the body cavity.  Open the remaining part of the body by cracking apart sideways.  Some consider the green substance known as the tomalley (liver) and the orange eggs (roe, found only in females) delicacies.

4. The small claws and legs are excellent eating. Place in the mouth and sip out or use a rolling pin to extract the bits of meat.

Don’t forget the melted butter and lemon wedges!

If you can’t get to Maine be sure to check out our fine selection of live, hard-shell lobsters [2].

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